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Carol Gurney
Animal Communicator, Author
3715 N. Cornell Rd.
Agoura, California 91301
(818) 597-1154

Carol's Bio

Speaking Engagements & Seminars:

  • Alive & Well Holistic Healing Center of Glendale, CA

  • Annual Conference of Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) 1995, 1997 & 2000, 2001

  • Arabian Horse Club, Ojai, CA

  • The Ark Trust, The Genesis Awards

  • Ask1radio,, Psychic Wisdom with David James

  • Auburn School of Health & Wellness Auburn, CA: Instructor

  • Best Friends Sanctuary, Kanab, UT, June 2002, July 2003

  • California Lutheran University (Equestrian Center): Instructor

  • Capitol Drugs, Homeopathic Pharmacy

  • Church of Inner Light, Santa Monica, CA

  • College of Tehachapi: Instructor

  • Daily Planet, Homeopathic Pharmacy

  • Dallas Whole Life Expo, September 2001

  • Delta Society Annual Conference 1993, 1994

  • Doumani Kennel Club All-Breed Dog Show 2000

  • Equine Affaire, Pomona, CA 2003 and 2004

  • Equine Affaire. W. Springfield, MA 2003v

  • Equine Event East, Chantilly, VA 2004

  • The Friends of Animals Foundation, Los Angeles, CA 2003

  • Heart of Light Bookstore, Ojai, CA

  • IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) Conference, Hutto, TX, 2004

  • Kinship with All Life Conference, San Francisco SPCA sponsored , June 2001

  • L.A. Pierce College: Extension Instructor

  • The Learning Annex: Instructor

  • Lifeways Psychic Expo, LA’s Premiere Metaphysical Event 2000

  • Los Angeles Whole Life Expo, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 2001

  • Meridian Medical Center, Santa Monica, CA

  • New Frontiers of The Gold Coast, October, 2002

  • No Kill Conference, San Francisco SPCA sponsored, August 2001

  • Pasadena & San Diego Whole Life Expo 1993

  • Pet Network, Culver City, CA

  • Rotary Club of Southern California

  • Rotweiler Association

  • Rowe Conference Center, Rowe, MA, June 2002

  • Santa Barbara Herpetologist Society 1993

  • Schnauzer Club of Southern California

  • Transitions Book Place, Chicago, IL, October 2002

  • West Los Angeles Dog Obedience Club, CA

Radio Shows:

  • Business Talk Radio, with John Patch, Tampa, FL

  • CKLW Ontario, Canada: The Cam & Lisa Show

  • CFRB News Talk 1010AM, Toronto, Canada on "Nightside with Mark Elliott" 9/2004

  • KCJS Denver, CO, The Peter Boyle Show, with Peter Boyle

  • KCPQ. Seattle, WA, Morning News

  • KFNX Phoenix, AZ, The Open Grove, with Claudia H. Christian

  • KFNX Phoenix AZ and WALE, Providence RI, Speaking of Pets, with Dr. Diane Levitan VMD

  • KFNX Phoenix AZ and WALE Providence RI, The Pet Vet with Mara DiGrazia, DMV

  • KFOX "Kate Porter Animal Hour" Show

  • KNX Los Angeles, CA, Something You Should Know, with Mike Carruthers

  • KQ Radio Station

  • KRLA, Los Angeles, CA, Insight Out, with Michael Levine

  • KTAR Phoenix AZ Mysteries Around Us with Dr. Frank Baranowski

  • KTRC Santa Fe NM, Good Morning Live with CR Power and Ray Perea

  • KUGN Eugene, Oregon

  • KVMR-FM, Nevada City, CA with Bruce Rawls

  • KVYN Napa, CA Vine Breakfast Show San Francisco, with Carren Sheldon

  • KYKY St. Louis, MO, Insight on St. Louis with Julie Beck

  • Q107 Radio Station, Toronto, CN

  • WABJ, Ann Arbor, Toledo, Ohio with John Sebastian

  • WEZU, KYMN, KRWC, KDWA, Minneapolis, MM, RBM Productions, The Ruth Koscielak Show

  • WHAS Louisville, KY, The Jane Norris Show, with Jane Norris

  • WLGN Sag Harbor NY, Jacques and Jan Live

  • WPDQ The Tamiko Show

  • WPRD with Lisa Butts, Providence, RI

  • WTAI Radio Show with Charlene Smith, The Natural Pet, Melbourne, Florida

  • WVOX New York "Inside You" Radio Show with Kelley Davis

  • Rick Barber KOA Denver, CO

  • Timeless Voyager, Santa Barbara, CA and CN

  • WLEW, Bad Axe, MI, "Horsing Around" with Trudy Gage

  • Ask1radio,, Psychic Wisdom with David James

  • KZYX+Z, Wildoak Living with Johanna Cummings


  • KKTLA "Live Show" with Stephanie Edwards and Sam Rubin, 1998

  • FM TV Melbourne, Australia: "Talk to the Animals"

  • Sci-Fi Channel, "Mysteries, Magic & Miracles", 1995

  • Bridging Heaven & Earth, International Spiritual Talk Show/Magazine, 1995

  • Paramount Pictures Corporation TV Show "Sightings", show #3-019, 1993/1994

  • NBC "The Other Side" - Pet Paranormal Show

  • NBC "The Other Side" - I'm Being Attacked by Animals from Hell

  • New Age News

  • "Naturalich" RTL TV Germany

  • Century Cable TV "Off the Cuff" Show with Deidre Wilson

  • KABC-TV Eyewitness News, February 2000

  • Beyond Chance, Lifetime Television, October 2000

  • Beyond Chance, Lifetime Television, September 2001

  • KUSI-TV, San Diego, CA Morning News with Laura Buxton and Stan Miller

  • KFMB-TV, San Diego, CA Noon News with Kyle Kraska

  • Mystery Hunters, Apartment 11 Productions, Quebec 9/2002

  • Kebbie & Kevin Show, You Entertainment, United Kingdom, November, 2002

  • Live on Fox News, New York, with Gregg Jarrett 6/2004

  • SBS Korean TV, Dong Mul Nong Jang/Animal Farm 7/2004

  • KCBS Channel 2 News, April 2005

  • Fox 5 Morning Show, "Fox & Friends", New York, 2005

Newspaper Articles:

  • The Journal, Camp Verde, AZ, "Rocky's Great Adventure Beat the Odds with a Little Special Help", June 1998

  • The STAR, Ventura County, CA, "Talk on the Wild Side", August 1

  • Michigan Humane Society, "Animal Telepathy: Believe It...Or Not", March 1997

  • Thousand Oaks Star, "Animals Can Be Rather Verbose Conversationalists", September 1996

  • Species Link Newsletter, "Norton's Hurrah", October-December 1995

  • Gazette, "Sixth Sense", January 1995

  • Maui News, "If We Could Talk to the Animals", March 1994

  • Los Angeles Independent Newspapers, "Missing Cat May Be A Pawn", March 1994

  • The Outlook, "Woman Helps Pets, Owners Communicate", March 1992

  • The Santa Ynez Valley's Los Padres Sun, "Modern-day Dr. Doolittle Animal Communicator Moves to Santa Ynez", February 1992

  • Press-Enterprise, Riverside, CA. "Going Beyond Dr. Doolittle", 1992

  • LA Times, Ventura County LIFE, "Horse Sense or Nonsense", May 1991

  • Species Link Newsletter, "Communication Through Color", January 1991

  • True Self on the Rise, "Communication Through Color", 1991

  • Ventura County Woman, "Carol Finds Ways to Communicate With Your Pets" and "Animal Communication Through Mental Telepathy", October/November 1990

  • News Chronicle, Thousand Oaks, CA "Talking to the Animals", August 1990

  • LA Times, "Cats on Her Mind", November 1998

  • The Camarillo Daily News, "Talking Horse Sense", November 1988

  • Malibu Surfside News, "Communicator Says She Really Talks To The Animals", May 1988

  • Wall Street Journal, 1987

  • Whole Life Times

  • The Independent – Santa Barbara, CA – January 3, 2002 “Communicating with Animals”

  • Maui Weekly, January 24 – February 2, 2002 “Talk to The Animals”

  • The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, VA, January 22/02 “Animal Communicator Hosting Clinic”

  • The Washington Post, March 1, 2002, “Hello My Pet”. by Don Oldenberg

  • Sacramento Bee, April 9, 2002, “Cat chats: Social skill or fuzzy thinking?”, by Cynthia Hubert

  • Conejo Valley Life, February 11, 2005, "She talks to the animals, and they talk back" by Alicia Doyle

  • Heywood Advertiser (United Kingdom), “Dr. Dolittle shows pet lovers how to talk to the animals”, 2004

  • The Malibu Times, "Real as Radio" by Jody Stump, April 28, 2005v

  • LA Daily News - U Entertainment Section, May 19, 2005, "Learn to read your pet's mind" by Jaime Spangrude

  • Nelson Mail, Nelson, NZ  3/5/2012 “Can we talk to our animals – or not?” by Patrick Rose

  • York Daily Record, York, PA, 6/25/2012  “If you could talk to animals…” by Rose Hayes

Magazine Articles:

  • The Edge Magazine (Australia)"Animal Communication and Animals as Our Mirrors", July 2015

  • The Chronicle of the Horse, July/August 2013

  • Los Angeles Magazine, The Best of LA, "Pet Pampering", July 1998

  • Utne Reader, "Mind Leap", March/April 1998

  • Westlake Magazine, "It's All in the Mind", June/July 1997

  • Cat World, "Deaf Willie Rescued", October 1996

  • Natural Pet, "Endless Love", February 1996

  • New Age Journal, "Letter From the Editor", September/October 1995

  • Women's World, "Animal Psychic", April 1995

  • Westways, "Upfront: Hear Your Pet's Peeves", February 1995

  • Equus, "A Meeting of the Minds", July 1994

  • Dogs Today, "Second Time Around", April/May 1994

  • Cat World Annual, "The Secret Language of Cats", 1994

  • Natural Pet, "Talking to Animals", July/August 1993

  • Body Mind Spirit, "You Can Talk to Your Animals", September/October 1992

  • The Whole Person, "Straight From the Heart...The Language of Animals", February 1992

  • Pets Today, Ontario Canada

  • Canis, Netherlands, July, 2001

  • Good Housekeeping , October, 2001

  • Spirit of Maat, September, 2002 (online magazine)

  • Horse Illustrated, “Look Who’s Talking”, October, 2002

  • KEE, Hong Kong, Fall Issue 2002

  • Ein Herz Fur Tiere, February, 2004

  • Share Guide, The Holistic Health Magazine, March/April 2005

  • U.S. Frontline, Japanese Publication, February, 2005

  • Ventura Family Magazine, June 2005

  • Visionen, Germany, December 2006

  • AKC Family Dog, "Talk to the Animals", January/February 2007


  • Who's Who of American Women 1985-1986

  • Who's Who of California 1985-1986


  • "Most Professional Award 1982", Los Angeles Advertising Women

  • First Woman Vice President of Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, Inc. Southern California Office


  • Consultant on the doctoral committee at The Union Institute Graduate College, 2002

contact: phone: 818-597-1154 • email:

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