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Animal Communicator
Specializing in Lost Animals

Linda’s introduction to animal communication began with her Arabian horse, Gramsey. In March, 2006, Gramsey suffered a fatal break to her right front ankle. Two veterinarians and the North Carolina State University Veterinarian Hospital advised Linda to euthanize her. Linda heard Gramsey’s plea to give her a chance.

It was an agonizing dilemma to put her mare’s message above the advice of trusted professionals. Linda chose to believe and trust in the messages she was receiving from Gramsey. She provided Gramsey with whatever she said she needed, even when it contradicted all other advice. This was the turning point for both Linda and Gramsey. Today, Gramsey is a walking miracle and is the catalyst for Linda’s career in animal communication.

Gramsey’s success inspired Linda’s calling to work with animals as a Communicator. Linda sought a mentor and a program of professional study that would equip her to help others and their animals. This research brought her to Carol Gurney. Linda completed Carol’s Comprehensive HeartTalk Training Program® in September 2009.

Linda is currently affiliated with Atrium Animal Hospital, an alternative veterinary practice in Charlotte, North Carolina, providing communications for cases involving physical and behavioral disorders, animals ready to transition, animals that have already transitioned and lost animals. Linda has a special affinity for animals with physical problems. She often feels the same physical sensations as the animals she communicates with.

“As a veterinarian, I so welcome the additional input from Linda, a trusted and competent Communicator, regarding our animal friends’ perspective on their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.” Dr. Kim Hombs, DVM – Atrium Animal Hospital

Linda is married and the mother of four children. She lives on a farm in North Carolina with seven horses, four dogs, and one cat.

To contact Linda, email her by clicking here or call 818-597-1154, Ext. #5.

contact: phone: 818-597-1154 • email:

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